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As America’s Oldest Private Mint, we’re passionate about what we do - and if the almost 200 years we’ve been in business have taught us anything, it’s to think outside the box.

That’s exactly what you get with our custom coins: an innovative solution to all your nonprofit fundraising needs, starting with Direct Mail Campaigns.

Save money

Save Money

Our custom coins are cost-efficient and effective because we work with you on a fixed package tailored specifically to your needs and budget. Compared to U.S. currency, you can potentially realize a 34% savings right out of the gate!

connect with your donors

Connect With Your Donors

Our custom coins provide you the opportunity to connect with potential donors in a unique and memorable way. Because they’re fully-customizable, all of your fundraising asks can be directly printed on the coin, which gives target donors a direct incentive to give. 
Stand out

Stand Out

Since coins and medallions add heft and weight, using one as a premium ensures that your mailer will be opened – overcoming the first obstacle to successful direct mail campaigns. And because our premiums have value beyond the envelope they’re carried in, they provide increased response and donations. Do something different - and see the results - in your next direct mail campaign!
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"Using custom coins in a direct mail piece increases open rates and boosts response rates, resulting in more donations."

Our product creates an emotional connection with your audience. This connections drives donors to give more.

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"Finally, on behalf of everyone here at CRS I would like to thank you for continuing to find ways to provide us with quality tokens at an affordable price. It isn’t every day that I have a vendor call me to tell me that they have figured out how to save us nearly $30,000 over the next three months."

Tom A. CRS

"Honor Flight of Southern Indiana is very proud of our new coin, and we are also proud to have had the opportunity to use a manufacturer in the USA, which is so meaningful to our veterans and those Americans getting a coin through a donation."

Jerry C. Emeritus Honor Flight of Southern Indiana Inc.

“We bought coins with two different finishes and they have been very popular sales items for our fundraising.  We highly recommend Osborne Coin and know your Team will be as pleased as ours!”

Bill W. Honor Flight Coins