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Learn how custom coins increase your direct mail fundraising conversions.

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Save Money

Save Money

Our custom coins are cost-efficient and effective because we work with you on a custom coin tailored specifically to your needs and budget. Compared to U.S. currency, you can potentially realize a 34% savings right out of the gate!

Connect With Your Donors

Connect With Your Donors

Our custom coins provide you the opportunity to connect with potential donors in a unique and memorable way. Because they’re fully customizable, your fundraising appeal can be directly imprinted on the coin, which gives target donors a direct incentive to give. 

Stand Out

Stand Out

Using a custom coin as a premium ensures that your mailer will be opened. And because our premiums have value beyond the envelope they’re carried in, they provide increased response and donations. Do something different - and see the results - in your next direct mail campaign

Connection drives donors to give and to give more.

Custom coins establish an emotional tie with your audience. Our products have a high-perceived monetary and emotional value that works to garner larger donations.

In fact, direct mail campaigns that incorporated custom coins in the mailers saw a 59% increase in responses and a 144% increase in donations!

A member of our team will work with you to create a coin that is special to your target audience that will motivate them to give (or give more).

We bought coins with two different finishes and they have been very popular sales items for our fundraising.  We highly recommend Osborne Coin and know your Team will be as pleased as ours!

Bill W.

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