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Your resource on custom coin production, marketing, branding, commemoratives, awards, fundraising, safety incentives, and more from the oldest coin maker in America. All our custom minting is done in the USA.

Custom Coins Offer Branding Power

Cincinnati, Ohio--Osborne Coinage announces custom branded coins are available. They can be used for free or "buy-one-get-one-free" admissions, discounts for admission, concessions, free drinks, and camp store merchandise. Because they have a perceived value, custom coins are unlikely to be discarded--giving them branding power. Promotional coins can be minted with facility name and logo, Web...

Custom Key Chains a Topical Reminder of a Tropical Paradise

Cincinnati, OH – Fisher Island is a destination unlike any other in North America.  Nestled beside Miami, FL this tropical paradise was once owned by William Kissam Vanderbilt – who built a stunning Mediterranean-style mansion in 1925 for lavish entertaining.  The state mansion was then encircled with lush landscaping, gracious guest houses, tennis courts, swimming pools and a 9-hole golf...

Custom Coins Break Through Coupon Clutter to Deliver Sales

Cincinnati, OH – As any marketing 101 students will tell you, during tough economic times consumers do not stop forming impressions about companies – they merely slow down their buying of goods and services.  Rather than trying the same old marketing efforts and hoping for new results, companies which use memorable marketing and promotional efforts are more likely to be rewarded when consumers do...

Custom Coins Provide Security for Restaurant Gift Certificate Programs

Cincinnati, OH – Custom coins can be minted in various “denominations” and used as gift certificates to provide a safe and memorable means of promoting restaurants and dining establishments.  Unlike plastic cards which can be inexpensively cloned, custom coins are virtually impossible to replicate – making them much safer (and ultimately more profitable) when used for gift certificate programs. ...

Custom Brass Coins are Gold For The American Fitness Institute

Cincinnati, OH – When was the last time someone called you to ask for more of your business cards because they’ve been giving them out to your prospects?  If you are like most of us, this rarely, if ever happens.  This is one reason that Evan Chacker of American Fitness Institute (AFI) knows that he’s hit on a great idea.   His business cards are custom coins with his company logo and web site on...

Schedule Coins & Key Chains Promote Team Spirit & Charity

Cincinnati, OH – Osborne Coinage Co., produces custom coins and key chains with sporting schedules on them to promote team spirit and game awareness.  Perfect for schools, booster organizations, club teams, and more, these team coins & key chains include ample room on one side to include all pre-season and regular season games, as well as tournaments. The opposite side of the sports coin can be...


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