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Unique Challenge Coins with Digital Colorization

Challenge Coins Offer a Unique Colorization Opportunity

Our digital colorization capabilities are unmatched in the industry.  We can color the entire coin, parts of the coin and both sides if desired.  Our skilled craftsmen and designers can even place a picture that is not part of the minted piece, directly on the round. This art on coins becomes even more complex when considering the size of the canvas.  The rounds we can colorize vary from 2.50” down to 1.25” in diameter, not a lot of space to paint The Last Supper.  Placing real-world colors on these collectibles increase their level of uniqueness and desirability. 


These colored rounds make a lasting, one-of-a-kind impression.  The depth of the colors mixed with the metals creates a visual dimensionality. The advanced ink technology enables us to exact match colors to your branding guidelines.  We can duplicate any Pantone color with precision.  Many corporate buyers of our colored rounds take advantage of this specificity and print their logo directly on our coins. Other buyers relish the idea that we can replicate their logo or crest down to the smallest and most intricate detail. Challenge Coins represent our major line of colored rounds with every color of the rainbow being used across hundreds of custom designs. Challenge coins offer a unique colorization opportunity. Honor flights and active duty military personnel come to us to create colorful challenge coins. 


US Made challenge coins w personalization
US Made challenge coins w personalization


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