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In Mint Condition

Osborne Coinage Co., America’s oldest private mint, continues to create custom coins with a rich history and tangibility that have stood the test of time and tech.

Article by Danielle Renda from the December issue of PPB Magazine.

President Abraham Lincoln isarguablyoneofAmerica’s most recognized and well-known presidents. This isn’t only because of his steadfast leadership during the Civil...

Christian Moerlein Revives Beer Tokens

Cincinnati, OH – Greg Hardman, who revived the longtime Cincinnati beer brand Christian Moerlein in 2004, is now reintroducing another local brewing tradition – beer tokens - with the help of another Cincinnati company – Osborne Coinage Company. The tokens mark a return to a Moerlein tradition that dates back to the 1800’s when the company produced beer tokens which could be redeemed for a...

The "Bare Essentials" at Cypress Cove Includes Coins



Cypress Cove, a clothing-optional resort community in central Florida, sough a memorable way to commemorate it's 50th anniversary of "enjoying life naturally" and celebrate its unique clientele. The owners ordered 1,000 custom minted coins struck by Cincinnati, Ohio based manufacturer Osborne Coinage. 

Minting A Commemorative Coin Could Prevent A Debt Default

Can Coin Collectors Help Us Get Past The Looming Debt Default?

When you go shopping you see signs asking for exact change because the pandemic continues to impact the coin shortage in the United States. But that seems to have filtered out of the current news cycle. Today's crisis is averting the looming debt default. Could a simple action like creating a commemorative coin help us overcome this...

Pineapple Willie's creates unique concept



Panama City, FL-Pineapple Willy's situated in the Florida panhandle, with a pier outside, a gift shop that prints and then sells their own line of souvenir T-shirts, and a packed house from Spring Break throughout the summer vacation season, Pineapple Willy's is unique. So when manager Dan Baird was looking for ways to entice patron store turn to the family owned and operated restaurant &...

5 Types of Businesses Using Custom Coins

Custom Coins: The WHAT, WHO and HOW

Custom-minted coins and medallions are completely custom-made and imprinted with your artwork and marketing messages. Promotional coins can be used for many types of projects too: souvenirs, awards, commemorative gifts, reminders, coupons – the only limit is your creativity.

Now that you know what custom coins are, let’s dive into the market segments that...


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