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EPA Officially Says Copper Surfaces Help Fight COVID-19

EPA Officially Says Copper Surfaces Help Fight COVID-19

Update: March 30, 2021Source: ASM International

If you subscribe to our Osborne Mint blog, From the Mint, you may have seen the Osborne family of companies share information regarding copper and the lifespan of COVID-19 over the past year. And now the EPA has released an article sharing more information about the relationship between...

Shipping Delays Cause Headaches for Retailers and Customers

A Reason to Buy Products Made In The USA 


This is February, right? February 2021, correct?

I ask those questions very facetiously and somewhat sarcastically. I know it is February, but what had meconfused was the box on the front porch with a ship date of Dec 6th – wait, it took 9 weeks to get to me?Why did my electronic talking dog take nine weeks to be delivered from China - I think it...

Challenge Coins and a Splash of Color

Challenge Coins Offer a Unique Colorization Opportunity

Our digital colorization capabilities are unmatched in the industry.  We can color the entire coin, parts of the coin and both sides if desired.  Our skilled craftsmen and designers can even place a picture that is not part of the minted piece, directly on the round. This art on coins becomes even more complex when considering the size of...

Back the Blue - a Stock Design Showing Support for Law Enforcement

Osborne Coinage debuts their newest collectible stock design: "Back The Blue", dedicated to showing support for law enforcement.

Osborne Coinage has manufactured Made in America minted collectibles since 1835 from their private mint in Cincinnati, Ohio.  With thousands of designs and millions of pieces struck, Osborne Coinage is now paying homage to the men and women in blue with a new stock...

How Small is Too Small When it Comes to Coin Text Size?

How Small is Too Small When it Comes to Coin Text Size?

Osborne's custom coins range in size from 0.984" (slightly larger than a quarter) to 3.00". Our most popular is 1.54" or about the size of a silver dollar. The size of the coin influences how big the text can be, as does the image on the coin. It's important to determine what's important when you design a coin - is the image more salient...

How to Tell the Difference Between Page Turn and Coin Turn

Coin Turn or Page Turn?

Telling the difference between page turn and coin turn can be done simply and easily with the change in your wallet. 

Coin Turn

Using a US quarter as an example, hold it between your thumb and 1st finger so that George Washington and the text (the obverse in coin lingo) is right side up and pretend there's a line or string going down through the coin from top to bottom,...


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