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Your resource on custom coin production, marketing, branding, commemoratives, awards, fundraising, safety incentives, and more from the oldest coin maker in America. All our custom minting is done in the USA.

TokensDirect Special Coin to be Featured in Short Film

Cincinnati, OH, Feb. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CINCINNATI, OH – January 2023 – TokensDirect, a division of Osborne Coinage, recently expanded its scope beyond batting cages, parking facilities, and car washes to include props for “the big screen.” The 180-year-old company, a long-trusted source for custom tokens for everything from advertising specialties to laundromats, answered a more...

Echo Chernik Signs Licensing Agreement with Osborne Mint

Released on GlobeNewswire.com on August 26, 2022

Today’s premiere Art Nouveau artists, Echo Chernik, signed a collaboration deal with Osborne Mint to feature her "Cthulhu Temptations" pinup girl series on collectible silver rounds.

Silver Minting - Explained

Process for Minting Silver

Before minting even begins, each blank is washed and weighed to ensure that it weighs AT LEAST one ounce. Additionally, the dies are pulled and carefully inspected to make sure there’s no damage on the surface. Damage could include dents, dings, scratches, cracks, or a degraded and worn image. If damage is not found, both dies are polished to ensure the background is...

Die Styles Explained

Die Styles for Custom Coins

Creating custom coins  with Osborne is an easy process.  First step - art and dies. Most people that contact us already have an idea about what they want on their coins.  The way that art gets onto coins is through  something call a die. To create a coin, you need 2 dies – one for each side. We offer a selection of stock dies that can be used at no additional charge –...

Made in the USA - the Preferred Choice


Since the start of the pandemic, distributors have increasingly stated their desire for American-made goods. Clients are now starting to feel the same way. 

In an industry  where 90% of suppliers import their products from overseas, the days of the American manufacturing machine powering the entire promo industry are long gone. However, a key switch has occurred with the pandemic: distributors...

World Kindness Day

 Before we give Thanks at the end of November, before we wish our neighbors happy holidays, and before we celebrate the end of another year – while welcoming in a new one – we simply celebrate the small acts of kindness that bind us together.


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