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Osborne Coinage's TokensDirect division Touts Benefits of Tokens

19th Century Biz Continues Product Relevancy into 2024


Despite card systems becoming increasingly used in the amusement industry, TokensDirect has forged ahead and is quite literally carving their own path forward. The company’s marketing manager Gibson Olpp said people may think tokens are old-fashioned, but they’re still a practical choice for a lot of operators.

TokensDirect is a division of Osborne Coinage, one of the oldest companies in the U.S. (it dates back to 1835). 

“We like to speak to the audience of people who are buying existing facilities,” she explained. “It’s more mom and pop type places like arcade bars, bowling alleys, FECs and route operations. Tokens are still a viable, cost-effective option – even more so than quarters.”

The first benefit, she said, is advertising. A token can act as a souvenir as well as a reminder to go back to the venue since a location’s branding is on one side of the token. Plus, Olpp added, “They look like money so people very rarely throw them away.” So, when people do come across it again, it has the same effect – as in, “Let’s go back to that arcade bar soon!”

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