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Your resource on custom coin production, marketing, branding, commemoratives, awards, fundraising, safety incentives, and more from the oldest coin maker in America. All our custom minting is done in the USA.

Ensure Higher Open Rates with Meaningful Communication

If you’re familiar with direct mail fundraising campaigns, you know the first (and often biggest) hurdle is getting recipients to open your mailer. Wouldn’t you like to ensure that all your hard work and fundraising efforts had a better chance of being recognized - and, in turn, generate a greater ROI?

Establish an Emotional Connection with Donors

Think about the last time you gave money toward something - a cause, a foundation, a charity.

Now, think about why you donated. What compelled you to pull out your credit card or checkbook?  Chances are it has something to do with how you felt upon being asked to give. 

And You Thought Direct Mail Was Dead...WRONG!

When SMS marketing came into play, most people thought it was going to kill direct mail marketing, but they were dead wrong.

Technology evolves rapidly. Websites are getting rebuilt at rapid rates. Mobile devices keep getting cooler and take better pictures than most actual cameras now, so how has direct mail been able to hang in as one of the top fundraising marketing strategies?

Coins in Direct Mail Increase Responses and Donations - Updated 2020

2020 Direct Mail Results from 5 Different Non-Profits


Acquisition Mailing - 14 years and still THE control

Catholic Relief Services

  • 2005 test using shiny brass plated steel (BPS) at .984” diameter. 5,000,000 mailed
  • Enlarged color picture of medallion on OSE. ‘ANGEL MEDALLION INSIDE. DO NOT SHRED’
  • 10% increase in response against control
  • 5% higher donations realized
Replacing US Currency in a Direct Mail Package

A Direct Mail US Currency Alternative

In mid-June, the Federal Reserve started limiting the allocation of US coins due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars and even full dollar coins are in extremely short supply. This is an unheard of moment in our country's recent history where US coins are being rationed, not seen since the rationing of coinage during WWII...


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