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Custom Coins Increase Direct Mail Fundraising Response Rate


2019 Direct Mail Results from 4 Different Non-Profits


Acquisition Mailing - 14 years and still THE control - Catholic Relief ServicesOsborne Angel Custom Coin

  • 2005 test using shiny brass plated steel (BPS) at .984” diameter. 5,000,000 mailed
  • Enlarged color picture of medallion on OSE. ‘ANGEL MEDALLION INSIDE. DO NOT SHRED’
  • 10% increase in response against control
  • 5% higher donations realized


Prospect mailing - National Museum of the American Sailor

  • 2018 test using shiny brass plated steel (BPS) at .984” diameter . 40,000 mailed
  • On the OSE: DO NOT SHRED OR DISCARD!  Your Founding Sponsor Medallion Enclosed
  • 31% increase in response rate against control
  • With NO coin, only realized 1.49% response rate
  • NET = 55% increase in response rate over the NO coin option


Direct Response Campaign (Acquisition and Back End Premium)

The Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation 

  • 2017 & 2018 mailings using large golden brass coins at 1.50” diameter………7,500 mailed (3 executions)
  • Offered at $35 each.
  • 38% of donors gave exactly $35, 10% gave MORE than a single $35 gift, so they could receive more than one medallion. 69% of all donors gave within the ‘medallion range’ of $35 to $249.
  • At the $250 level, a .999 Fine Silver, colorized medallion was offered.
  • Net = Multiple mailings using a custom golden brass medallion achieved a positive net result


Direct Response Campaign (Commemorative Back End Premium)

Wildlife SOS

  • Out of 3 premiums offered at $12.00 threshold, (coin, socks & plush toy), 60% chose RAJU The Elephant medallion.
    • 1-1/2” diameter in textured, high relief antique brass
  • Monthly donor mailing was targeted at NEW clients – the medallion was a major contributor in realizing NEW donors.