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Establish an Emotional Connection with Donors

Think about the last time you gave money toward something - a cause, a foundation, a charity.

Now, think about why you donated. What compelled you to pull out your credit card or checkbook?  Chances are it has something to do with how you felt upon being asked to give. 

Establish an Emotional Connection with Donors 1080x1080 IG-blog feature images (1) copyEstablishing an emotional connection with potential donors is at the heart of every successful fundraising campaign - including direct mail. Supporters are much more likely to give when they feel a shared sense of purpose with you and your cause. Here, we’ll discuss ways to get the most out of your direct mail campaigns through emotion, connection, and of course, custom coins.

Let’s say you’re the Alzheimer's Association sending out prospective direct mailers. Since your recipients are either new prospects or donors who haven’t given in awhile, you want to make sure that your mailer is going to leave an impression. You also want your action item to be issue-specific while still remaining broad enough to appeal to more prospects (and while emitting an emotional response!). 

Knowing that most of your current supporters care about Alzheimer's research and medical advancements, it’s safe to make the assumption that your prospective donors will probably connect to this issue too. Great! You’ve got a specific issue that’s likely of interest to a broad range of prospects. Now you just need to market your ask in a way that will resonate with your donors by establishing an emotional connection. 

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Custom coins are perfect for these types of action items because you have two sides of the medallion: one side that can be used to display your logo, and the other that can show an image that will resonate with your donors and form an emotional connection. 

For example - the association may choose to have one side minted with a piece of art an Alzheimer's patient drew or a message on how your organization is working to improve the lives of people with dementia. This side of the coin is likely to pull at the heartstrings of prospects who have a loved one with Alzheimer's or know someone who does. That connection is what gets them to give! The other side could show a logo or another compelling image. 

Your direct mailer checks the box of establishing an emotional connection because your custom medallion is just that: completely unique, true to your mission, and riveting enough to ensure those prospects interested in your work will decide to donate. Better yet, a custom coin is more likely to stay with your prospects, as opposed to a standard flyer or letter. Prospective donors could carry around their action items in their pockets for days or weeks to come - possibly being reminded to donate or even sharing the coin with someone else. 

When we feel a connection to something - whether it be the ocean or anything else - we’re automatically bonded to it in a seemingly small way.  When you, as an organization seeking to grow your donor network through direct mail, are able to capitalize on that shared sense of connection, it can help to establish new relationships while fostering existing ones. 

Try using a custom coin as the action item in your next campaign! We’ll work with you on making it resonate with your donors and crafting a connection that moves more of them to give.