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Garner Larger Donations with Custom Coins in Direct Mailers

We all know the saying “you get what you give,” but have you ever thought about how the phrase relates precisely to direct mail fundraising

14It makes sense when you think about it: when we’re made to feel special and valued, we’re typically more inclined to work on that relationship, study hard for a good test score, or continue to prove ourselves to our boss. The same can be said for potential donors - and many are more likely to give (and give more!) when your direct mailer includes an action item of value.

When using an item with a high-perceived monetary and emotional value, your nonprofit is showing that it cares about its donors; you’re not another apathetic mailer piled up on the kitchen table, but rather an organization who cares enough to go the extra mile and do something special for its donors. 

“Special” is just what our custom coins are - and their value is sure to make donors inclined to give more. 

Take one of our customers, a national fraternal organization, where we tested a direct response campaign using custom brass medallions. 80,000 total pieces were mailed, 14,000 of these had a medallion enclosed. The response rate for the pieces without a custom coin was 9.1%, with an average gift of $25, while the medallion mailers saw a 14.5% response rate and an average gift of $61

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With a 59% increase in responses and a 144% increase in donations, it’s clear the custom coin option far outperformed the mailer without a custom coin.  These findings aren’t unique to this one organization, however. Check out our blog post on our direct mail results from several other nonprofits here

Your organization can realize its own donations increase when you use an action item like a custom coin in your next direct mail fundraising campaign. The coin itself is inherently attractive, which lends itself to a high-perceived monetary value that donors can’t help but take a second look at. And because all of our premiums are fully-customizable, you’re able to work with us directly on your coin’s design and message - which means that your coins are truly unique!

Ensuring your action item has value is key in garnering larger donations in your next direct mail campaign. Make your donors feel special and use a custom coin!