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Fisher Island keytagCincinnati, OH – Fisher Island is a destination unlike any other in North America.  Nestled beside Miami, FL this tropical paradise was once owned by William Kissam Vanderbilt – who built a stunning Mediterranean-style mansion in 1925 for lavish entertaining.  The state mansion was then encircled with lush landscaping, gracious guest houses, tennis courts, swimming pools and a 9-hole golf course.  Two deep water marinas, with slips reserved for members and guests, accommodate yachts up to 250 in length.  Today, the property has been restored to its original grandeur and is a world-class private island residential community and exclusive club.  Members and guests – including a long list of celebrities - can enjoy the lavish restaurants and amenities.

To help eliminate congestion on this parcel of paradise, visitors are encouraged to leave their cars (and their worries) on the mainland –travel via golf cart is encouraged throughout the island.  So it is logical and topical that as a remembrance of their visit to Fisher Island Club, guests are given a custom metal keychain like the ones used for the golf carts.

“Every guest has an opportunity to use a golf cart to get around the island” says Mario Saballos, Purchasing Director for Fisher Island Club.  “We allow them to take the golf cart key chains with them to remember their trip. Most of the guests keep the key chains.”

While providing custom metal keychains is a low-key way to promote the resort, it is extremely topical. Each time the guest views the key chain they are reminded of their visit to this island oasis.  Hopefully this salient branding effort for Fisher Island Club will result not only in fond memories, but perhaps even future membership.

Like everything else on this exclusive tropical paradise, the promotional keychains have to be top notch. “Fisher Island is an extremely high end resort, so they are always looking for top of the line quality” says Kathy Terry, of Terryfic Ad Specialties.  “Osborne Coinage (www.asisupplier.com/75260 ) has been able to deliver that consistently.”

Each custom metal keychain includes the intricately detailed Fishers Island Club logo and artwork on both sides as well as their web address. The key chains, which are minted of Goldine®, are individually wrapped for presentation to members and guests.

Keep The Customer Happy

When Terry first started working with Fisher Island, she heard from other area suppliers that they were finicky.  “Oh, you have the account now, well, that will last a cycle or two” they told her.  That was way back in 2000, and many repeat orders later the Fisher Island team is still happy with the service and quality that Terry delivers.   “I still have the account which shocks other suppliers and distributors” she chuckles.

While quality products certainly account for part of that satisfaction, a large part also comes from knowing your customer and building a solid relationship with them.

Terry knows that although Fisher Island is exclusive and demands top quality, they also want value for their investments.  She delivers this and keeps them smiling with her friendly, joking manner.  Whether conversing in English or Spanish, Terry allows her customers to relax and develop a friendship as well as a business relationship.

That relationship has paid off for both parties – as Terry knows what will be acceptable (and more importantly unacceptable) to the Fisher Island team.  And they know that she’ll present only products and services which meet and exceed their expectations.

Exceeding expectations is perhaps even more important now that companies may be scaling back on their volumes or programs.  Delivering value and quality – for products that are topical to the program – wrapped in a package that is built on trust – that is how this dynamic ASI rep has built her reputation, and her business.  Not to mention the customer relationships which drive them both.

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