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Echo Chernik & Osborne Coinage Collab | Art on Coins

Released on GlobeNewswire.com on August 26, 2022

Today’s premiere Art Nouveau artists, Echo Chernik, signed a collaboration deal with Osborne Mint to feature her "Cthulhu Temptations" pinup girl series on collectible silver rounds.

Cincinnati, Ohio, Aug. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Osborne Mint, founded in 1835, is the oldest operating private mint in the United States.  Osborne Mint has created campaign coins for Abraham Lincoln, military challenge coins and minted hundreds of thousands of rounds for collectors of all ages.  The opportunity to collaborate with Echo Chernik marks the eighth such licensing agreement with a well renowned artist for Osborne Mint.  Chernik’s award-winning Art Nouveau style has produced hundreds of exquisite works of art and her ability to adapt her style to commercial production has gained her kudos in the advertising realm.

The goal for this licensing agreement is to combine the best of both Echo Chernik and Osborne Mint.


Since 2017, Osborne Mint has expanded its minting capabilities to focus more on the art depicted on the piece, producing over forty silver round collections.  This artistic development has opened the opportunity for new designs, new adaptations and new collectible pieces of art.  These collections add even more value to the art by being worth their weight in precious metals like silver, gold or copper.   


“The opportunity to work with Echo (Chernik) has been amazing, stated Gibson Olpp, marketing manager for Osborne Mint, “her art is breathtaking. The way her painting captures one’s attentions and challenges you to see more is ideal for our adaptation of her art onto a collectible round.  This series will be visually captivating.”


Echo Chernik selected her “Cthulhu Temptations” pinup series for her first set of silver collectible coins.  This collection features five Chernik designs depicting temptations of beauty and alcohol against the juxtaposition of the beast, Cthulhu.  The first of the collection will be Absinthe Cthulhu introducing a gorgeous green winged fairy, followed by Tequila Cthulhu, Rum Cthulhu, Champagne Cthulhu, and a fifth currently in design, Beer Cthulhu.  Each round minted in .999 pure silver will weigh one troy ounce with a diameter of 39 mm and accompanied by a smooth edge and stamped with the weight and purity.  Every piece will have an individualized mint number documenting the series of production.  Complete sets of minted coins with matching mint numbers can be requested at Chernik’s website www.EchoChernik.com.  In addition, the entire Temptations collection, as giclees and archival prints, can be found there too.


“I have wanted to do a coin for a very long time,” said Echo Chernik, “I've always thought coins are awesome, and just having the collectability of the art on it and then also the fact that it's like a precious metal. It is about having something eternal, about having a silver coin that will always have value to it.  That is what I think is just really cool.  Together the people at Osborne Mint have made it a remarkable experience.”


The licensing agreement between Osborne Mint and Echo Chernik will run through the minting of this five-piece silver round collectible set.  Upon completion of this first set, plans are in motion to continue the partnership, featuring other pieces of Chernik’s artwork.  You can read more about Echo Chernik and this blossoming partnership on the Osborne Mint Blog “From the Mint.”


In a world full of foreign-made, mass-produced items, collective coins from Osborne Mint are made in America and provide a creative way for the public to preserve art, history, as well as pass along something of value onto future generations.


Osborne Mint products are proudly Made in the USA and every purchase of an Osborne Coinage and Mint products supports American jobs.




About Osborne Mint: www.OsborneMint.com |#OsborneMint


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Established in 1835, Osborne Coinage is America’s oldest continuously operating private mint. The family of brands includes Osborne Mint, TokensDirect and Van Brook of Lexington. The mint, a 60,000 square foot facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, houses development, engraving and manufacturing of quality collectible rounds and coins. Products made by Osborne are crafted to strict standards for metal purity, weight and dimensions. Osborne strikes millions of coins, tokens, medallions as well as numismatic quality rounds and bars that are sold through distributors and business-to-business.

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