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Put an Image on the Outside of the Envelope

We all know that when it comes to direct mail fundraising, the first (and sometimes biggest) hurdle is simply getting recipients to open your mailer. You’re probably guilty of automatically throwing certain letters into the recycling bin without even peeping inside the envelope. And while it may be fine for those pesky dentist reminders, you need your direct mail letters to be opened. Your organization depends on it!

Lucky for you, Osborne has a solution - and it’s two-sided (kind of like our coins!). 

In choosing to go with a custom coin as your direct mail’s action item, you’re already increasing the chances of your mailer being opened by prospective donors. The coin itself adds just enough weight to each envelope to entice the recipient into pausing before going toward the trash bin. 

The other side of the coin is that you can - and should - put an image of the item on the outside of your envelopes! Prospects may be more likely to open your mailer if they know a beautiful coin lies inside. 

Your organization knows that direct mail fundraising campaigns are investments that involve time, effort, and a well-thought out campaign - and you also know that, when done right, these campaigns can be very effective. Make the most out of your direct mail campaign with a custom coin and see the results!