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Can You See the Light at the End of the Tunnel? 

Thank You Coins First RespondersThat is the question everyone here at Osborne Mint and Osborne Coinage is asking.  Is it time to return to our offices, time we go out and grab a lunch or is it time to just visit with friends and family? 

Thank a TruckerThe past two plus months have certainly been interesting, who would have ever predicted it?  I can speak from my experience that when the news of coronavirus first came out, I did not believe we would be sheltered in place for more than sixty days, that we would be teaching and working only from home and that it would be months before I could visit friends to just hang out.  It does however look like things are starting to get back to some sense of normalcy – at least as the news refers to it: “we are returning to a new normal.” 

Focus on Gratitude

Thank You Saint MichaelsThe marketing team, designers and leadership were able to keep our business moving by working from home.  This remote perspective seems to have inspired our marketing and design teams.  New collectible round design concepts have covered the gamut of featuring our pets, highlighting the balcony and honoring the houseplant.  But the most common suggestion, across the board, was to focus on gratitude. 

Everyone on our team included the recommendation for a token of gratitude, a simple thank you.  Knowing how difficult it will be going forward to share a handshake or give a pat on the back, the team at the mint wanted to symbolize our appreciation.  We wanted to allow you to give the gift of a tangible 'thank you' coin for the efforts of our first responders, frontline personnel, doctors, nurses, delivery personnel, truck drivers, police officers and all essential workers.

Being Thankful

I have numerous people whom I want to thank for their efforts during the pandemic, from my husband who has cooked (or ordered) meals every night, to our neighbor who mowed the yard while we were quarantined.  My list of people for whom I am grateful, continues to grow.

Our team at the mint has an immediate solution to show your appreciation.  We have designed multiple coins that include a stock THANK YOU design on side that can be paired with a personal message, like: The Job Youre Doing Is Important, You’re Important, or We Appreciate You!, on the reverse side and no set up charge.

These coins can help to say all those things above in an impactful, personal and memorable way.  And if your gratitude has no boundaries, we have manufactured these gifts in golden brass at a cost of less than $3 a piece so that you don’t have to break the bank.  If golden brass isn’t your choice, we can do 'thank you' coins in other metals. You can see examples and pricing on our Thank You Coin page. If you don't see what you need, please call us at 800-488-2646. 


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