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How to Choose Custom Coin Text Size

How Small is Too Small When it Comes to Coin Text Size?

Osborne's custom coins range in size from 0.984" (slightly larger than a quarter) to 3.00". Our most popular is 1.54" or about the size of a silver dollar. The size of the coin influences how big the text can be, as does the image on the coin. It's important to determine what's important when you design a coin - is the image more salient than the text, is the text a dominant part of the design or an after thought, are the text and the image equally important? These are things to think about when you visualize your coin.

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On a smaller quarter size coin, you have less surface area for text and an image or design, so everything needs to be scaled down appropriately. On a 3.00" coin, the opposite is true. The larger surface area gives you more room to play with text size and image. 

Another point to consider beside the diameter of the coin, is its target market age.  As people get older, it becomes more difficult to read small, fine text. If the coin is for someone age 65 (or older) having larger, bolder text may be the way to go.


The Reason for Paper Proofs


Osborne provides a paper layout of your coin with an image of the front and back shown in 2 different sizes - 3.25" and then the finished size of your coin. The reason for the two sizes is so that you can see the design, check the spelling, kerning and any other details on the larger image, but then see just how the coin will look at size.

We always tell people - check the coin carefully on the larger image, but then look at the smaller image. Things are VERY DIFFERENT when you shrink an image down to its finished size. It may look great at 3.25", but look not-so-great when it's small. 


What if the Text is Too Small? 


If you get your proof and it doesn't look the way you anticipated, work with your sales representative to get it adjusted. The whole point of the paper proof is to find and eliminate problems BEFORE a die is cut. Once a die is cut, making a new one will necessitate another die charge. 

Our sales representatives can help you decide what will work best - they are the coin experts.  


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