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Osborne Coinage Achieves a SAGE A+ rating for 2024



APlus_Light  2024

Congratulations!  I'm pleased to inform you that your company, Osborne Coinage Company (SAGE# 52920), has been selected to receive a 2024 SAGE Rating Award for having an "A+" rating among SAGE distributors!

SAGE provides the leading product research and order management services in the industry, with thousands of distributors using our services on a daily basis to perform product and supplier research.

On behalf of SAGE and our distributor customers, I would like to personally thank you for providing such excellent service and products this year.  

As you may know, many distributors rely very heavily on SAGE ratings to decide which suppliers to use, so I highly recommend including your award on all of your marketing materials as soon as possible.  

Again, congratulations on your company's impressive performance this year and please let me know if there is anything that SAGE can do to assist you.

Best regards,
Madison Stute
SAGE Account Advisor


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