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Your resource on custom coin production, marketing, branding, commemoratives, awards, fundraising, safety incentives, and more from the oldest coin maker in America. All our custom minting is done in the USA.

Digitally Colorized Safety Coins

Osborne Coinage Company (Cincinnati, OH) is now able to print 4-color process directly onto a coin surface, allowing each individual safety coin to be customized or personalized with site-specific hazards, making them ideal for safety programs.With digital colorization, it's possible to print readable QR codes, realistic color (including skin tones), gradients and fine lines onto coins. Logos...

Custom Coins An Ideal Souvenir for Parks & Recreational Facilities

(Cincinnati, OH)   Custom coins from Osborne Coinage Company are an ideal way to commemorate an anniversary for parks and recreational facilities of all sorts and sizes.  With a high perceived value, these unique souvenir coins are high on the “wow” factor. They are sure to be appreciated by partners, vendors, associates and others associated with the operations and maintenance of the...

Mortenson Celebrates Zero Injuries with Custom Coins

Large-scale construction projects are inherently dangerous, even with proper safety measures in place. So, when companies complete these projects with zero injuries, it is cause for celebration.

Custom Coins for Restaurants and Bars Create Memorable Promotions

Cincinnati, OH – Custom coins help restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other foodservice establishments break through the “marketing clutter” by providing memorable, trackable promotional campaigns.  These unique marketing tools can be redeemed for free drinks, free admission, two-for-one offers, dollars-off promotions and more.  Unlike paper coupons custom tokens have a high perceived value, so...

Custom Coins & Key Chains Keep Small Class Graduates Grounded in Faith

Cincinnati, OH – Participants who complete the Hope Church small group class entitled Faithful & True receive a tangible reminder of their accomplishment.  Pastor Steve Lizzio had custom coins and key chains imprinted which participants receive at the conclusion of the 13-week program on sexuality and the sexualized culture we live in.  The coins - built upon the tradition of “challenge coins” in...

TANKS for the Memories -  Celebration 143 Year Old Bridge

Cincinnati, OH – Long term maintenance of roadways can be a real nuisance – causing routes to be diverted and schedules changed.  When that roadway is bridge – and the maintenance work is accompanied by weight restrictions, well the headache can get worse.  But officials at the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky saw this as an opportunity to re-christen the route with better service at a...


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